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  • Open-IX Statement MidWest-ix - Indy - Updated 06 Jun 2017
    Public exchange vlan Available!
    Private vlan Available!
    1G ports Copper and Fiber available
    10G ports Fiber available
    40G ports Fiber available
    ethertype 0x0800 Yes, legacy ethertype.
    ethertype 0x86dd Yes
    ethertype 0x8606 Yes, Legacy ethertype.
    IPV4 Supported Yes
    IPV6 supported Yes
    ipv4 multicast filtering We can support v4 multicast, and we do IGMP & PIM snooping.
    ipv6 multicast filtering Not supported (yet). MLD snooping is not currently enabled.
    customer demarc The port on our switch. Customer has the option to have a cable managed by midwest-ix as part of their service
    non-oversubscribed switching backplane Yes
    inter-switch congestion Monitored and alerting
    inter-switch path diversity Monitored
    redundant power feeds N+N redunant power and cooling. redudnant generators. redundant UPS's, redundant chillers. 24x7 noc monitoring
    Measures implemented to overcome single component failures Available redundant switch fabrics, passive muxes,multiple connections available, multiple power feeds, disaster recovery plan, diverse physical locations. redundant fiber paths to redudnant switches at physical diverse locations
    PI address space from an RIR Arin WHOIS IP space of:
    Route server Yes AS112 and route servers
    NOC contact information See contacts
    Service-affecting maintenance announcements See Policies
    Monitoring Redundant monitoring systems
    Procedure for performance degradation event notifications In most cases the NOC typically will use the email list above. If something affects only one participant, then only they may be notified.
    Participants & AS numbers See Particpants
    Traffic statistics. See Traffic stats
    Website where the Open-IX standards are addressed. www.midwest-ix.com/support/openix.html
    Entry in a direcotry MidWest-IX Indy Peering DB Entry
    Network Diagram Coming soon